Corona rules for Norges Squashforbund:

 - Only healthy people without symptoms can play

 - There must be a minimum of 1 meter between players at all times

 - Only two players on each court

 - There must always be a responsible adult present at all children and youth activities

 - All forms of squash is allowed, but make sure to utilize the "let-rule" in order to ensure the distance of 1 meter between players

 - We recommend everyone to use their own equipment

 - The ball can be touched by both players, but should be cleaned afterwards

 - Use Antibac and wash your hands thoroughly before and after the practice

 - Give time between the practices to enter and exit the court without congestion

 - Violations of the rules will result in expulsion from practices

 - Other parts of the facility must be physically shut off

 - Everyone must follow the governments advice and familiarize themselves thoroughly with their regulations in addition to the federations corona rules

By Olav Slapø Nes - 2020-08-07 01:26