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2024-03-12 18:35

By Root Admin


Kjære alle medlemmer i NTNUI Squash

Dessverre på grunn av manglende oppmøte på generalforsamling/årsmøte onsdag 14. februar (det var færre ordinære medlemmer enn styremedlemmer til stede), ble møtet ansett som ikke beslutningsdyktig, som betyr at vi må kalle inn til ny, ekstraordinær, generalforsamling. Denne gangen tar vi det hos Aleksander og kjører på med squash-fest etter møtet i håp om at det kan få flere til å komme 🕺

📅 Date: 02.03.2024
🕟 Time: 18:00
📌 Place: Odd Brochmanns veg 187

På årsmøtet skal følgende posisjoner velges til styret:

- Leder
- Nestleder
- Økonomiansvarlig
- IT-ansvarlig

- Sosialansvarlig

- Styremedlemmer

Kunne du tenke deg å bli med i styret, og få sjansen til å bidra til at studenter skal ha et bra treningstilbud? Si ifra! Kan informere om at styremedlemmer får billigere pris når de kjøper utstyr av klubben, i tillegg til at de kan melde seg på trening tidligere enn ordinære medlemmer.


Vi er avhengige av DIN deltakelse for å gjøre dette til et vellykket møte! 💪 Dette er din sjanse til å komme med forslag som kan gjøre gruppen bedre, enten det handler om treningsopplegget eller noe annet. Etter møtet kjører vi på med fest resten av kvelden!

Gjerne trykk "skal" på facebook-arrangementet vårt:


Saksliste til møtet kommer snart!

2024-02-22 17:11

By Root Admin


Dear all members of NTNUI Squash. We invite you all to NTNUI Squash's general assembly, where we will discuss important decisions for the group and elect a new board for 2024! 📝

📅Date: 14.02.2024
🕟Time: 16:30
📌Place: F2 Gløshaugen

The positions we're going to elect are:

-President (Leder)
-Deputy (Nestleder)
-Treasurer (Økonomiansvarlig)
-IT responsible
-Board members

We are depending on YOUR participation to make this a successful meeting! 💪 This is your chance to come with suggestions that can make the group better, whether it's about the practices or something else.

There will of course be served PIZZA at the meeting for all participants 🍕 Please click "attend" on the facebook event to let us know you're coming so we know how much pizza to order:

If you don't have facebook but want to participate, just send a mail to

Meeting agenda will be known shortly!


2024-02-06 18:15

By Erlend Hansson Rudi

Club Championship October 7th!


The beginner tournament will not take place due to lack of participants, WHICH MEANS THE CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP TOMORROW STARTS AT 11:00!

The groups and match schedule will be posted later today. The first matches will start between 11:00 and 11:10.  It is important that everyone takes note of when and where they are playing and are ready to play at their set time, so everything runs smoothly. That includes showing up well in advance so you have time to warm up before your match starts. Stay tuned! 

After the tournament, there will be a small gathering/party for all participants. As usual, we'll provide snacks and various items, while you bring a good vibe and something nice to drink! Address: Odd Brochmanns veg 187

See you tomorrow! 💪

2023-09-26 19:55

By Erlend Hansson Rudi


We have for a long while had issues with players unregistering from practice shortly before it starts, or even after it has started. This makes it very difficult for those on the waiting list to join the practice, as they're not notified in time, and then end up not attending the practice either.

To try and reduce this behavior, we are introducing a penalty point system regarding registering and attending practices:

- Unregistering from a practice less than one hour before it starts: 1 POINT
- Not unregistering from a practice at all and not showing up: 3 POINT
5 POINTS = Suspended from attending practices for a week
- One week is added to your suspension for every additional suspension within the same semester (2 weeks suspension the second time you're suspended, etc.)
- Points reset every semester

Note that this just the "first draft", and that the penalty point system may get tweaked gradually. The system will come into effect tomorrow: September 21st. 

2023-09-20 17:54

By Root Admin

Get-to-know-eachother-party September 22nd!

Join the get-to-know-eachother-party at Friday the 22nd of September! Bring whatever you like to drink, and we'll provide the snacks and the entertainment. 
The party is at Berg Studentby, address is Odd Brochmanns veg 187, doors open at 19:00! 

Link to event on Facebook:

2023-09-07 20:23

By Erlend Hansson Rudi


No practices this week (week 14); we start up again Tuesday April 11th. 

Happy Easter!

2023-04-03 16:50

By Root Admin

Registration deadline for the club tournament Friday 12:00

Deadline to either register or unregister from the tournament will be at 12:00 tomorrow (Friday noon). If you want to be on the waiting list to join the tournament, please send a mail to

I will try to have the groups and match schedule ready and send it to the registered players + post on facebook by the end of tomorrow.



2023-03-24 00:41

By Erlend Hansson Rudi

Club Tournament March 25th!

Saturday next week on March 25th, NTNUI Squash is hosting a club tournament for all its members! Wanna showcase your squash skills and find out who the best player in the club is? Here is your chance! 

There will be two classes: A for experienced players and C for newer players.
Find the practices marked as "Tournament" and sign up for the class you want to participate in.

NB: The exact time for the tournaments may get changed depending on number of participants!


2023-03-15 14:18

By Erlend Hansson Rudi

Studentlekene / Student Games Trondheim in February registration deadline tomorrow!

Studentlekene Trondheim 2023 finner sted HER I TRONDHEIM 22.-26. februar!! Studentlekene i Trondheim er et stort arrangement som skjer annethvert år der studentlag fra hele landet kommer til byen vår for å konkurrere om å kunne kalle seg norgesmester for studenter!
OBS: Påmeldingsfristen er derimot allerede I MORGEN (20. januar)! 85% av påmeldingsavgift (utenom bankett) dekkes av NTNUI. 
NTNUI Squash tapetserte pallen i både Trondheim 2019 og i Oslo 2021, og tok medalje i Bergen 2022, så her har vi et rykte å leve opp til! Håper å se flere av dere der!
The Student Games Trondheim 2023 will take place HERE IN TRONDHEIM 22th-26th of February!! The Student Games in Trondheim is a huge event that happens every two years where student teams from all over the country come to our city to compete with the chance to call themselves the Norwegian student champion!
OBS: The deadline for signing up is TOMORROW (20th of January)! 85% of the registration fee (excluding banquet) will be covered by NTNUI.
NTNUI took all the medals in Trondheim 2019 and Oslo 2021, and also took bronze in Bergen 2022, so we have a reputation to uphold!  Hope to see many of you there!
Sign up here:

2023-01-19 18:30

By Erlend Hansson Rudi


Join the generalforsamling on feb 26!

2022-02-14 13:39

By Casper Andreassen

All training sessions are canceled

All training sessions are canceled for the remainder of the semester due to Covid

2021-12-09 18:57

By Olav Slapø Nes


The deadline for signing up (or off) the tournament is thursday the 18. at 12:00.

The C tournament will start 11:00.

The A tournament will start 13:00.

Players in the A tournament are recommended to arrive as early as 12:30 to warm up and potentially start sooner than 13:00.

Players in the C tournament are also recommended to arrive a bit earlier. That way you can warm up and be ready to start 11 sharplaugh

2021-11-18 00:33

By Olav Slapø Nes

Corona rules for Norges Squashforbund:

 - Only healthy people without symptoms can play

 - There must be a minimum of 1 meter between players at all times

 - Only two players on each court

 - There must always be a responsible adult present at all children and youth activities

 - All forms of squash is allowed, but make sure to utilize the "let-rule" in order to ensure the distance of 1 meter between players

 - We recommend everyone to use their own equipment

 - The ball can be touched by both players, but should be cleaned afterwards

 - Use Antibac and wash your hands thoroughly before and after the practice

 - Give time between the practices to enter and exit the court without congestion

 - Violations of the rules will result in expulsion from practices

 - Other parts of the facility must be physically shut off

 - Everyone must follow the governments advice and familiarize themselves thoroughly with their regulations in addition to the federations corona rules

2020-08-07 01:26

By Olav Slapø Nes

All practices are cancelled due to corona

The practices are cancelled until further notice.

2020-03-11 22:38

By Olav Slapø Nes

Tournament and Party 14.03.2020

See this Facebook event for details regarding the tournament. Register today by attending tournament session below.

See this Facebook event for details regarding the party, hope to see you there!!

2020-03-03 18:32

By Olav Slapø Nes

Saturday Feb 22th session cancelled!

Sorry for the inconvenience.

2020-02-20 22:12

By Bjørn Christian Seime

New board

Announcement of board positions that will be vacated.

2020-01-31 22:31

By Mona Spange Wikdahl

February 7th: get-to-know-each-other-party + annual meeting

See Facebook for details:

2020-01-12 22:40

By Bjørn Christian Seime

Spring 2020

Welcome back to a new semester. The weekly practices for this semester are now listed here.

We will publish information about the get-to-now-each-other party soon!

2020-01-05 20:28

By Bjørn Christian Seime

Tournament on Saturday @ Dragvoll

See Facebook event for details. Register today by attending A or B/C tournament session below.

2019-10-09 12:31

By Bjørn Christian Seime

Beginners course!

Click on the title for more info

2019-08-21 23:31

By Mona Spange Wikdahl

We are ready!

Click on the title for more info about new practices.

2019-08-21 21:06

By Mona Spange Wikdahl

Practices during exam period

2019-05-06 17:54

By Bjørn Christian Seime

Get-to-know-each-other party

Friday, 15 February 2018, 18:00

2019-01-28 17:18

By Bjørn Christian Seime

Practices Spring 2019

Welcome to a new squash semester! The practices for this semester will start tomorrow (January 7th). The schedule will be the same as last semester. 

2019-01-06 19:25

By Bjørn Christian Seime

Beginners course!

If you are new to squash and want to learn more, join this beginners course! Isak will teach you the basics, like how to hold the racket, some basic tactics, drills, rules, etc. The price for the course is 50 kr. It will be held 1830-2000 at Sunday September 9th. Payment by cash or Vipps at the spot. 

We got 12 spots. First come first served. Click 'attending' on Sunday's technique practice to join. Note: "practice" opens for attending on Thursday September 6th at 1830.

2018-08-29 19:55

By Bjørn Christian Seime

Practices this semester

This semester's practices are now listed at Practices starts from Monday 27th August.

2018-08-24 11:09

By Bjørn Christian Seime

Welcome to a new squash semester!

Welcome to a new squash semester smiley We will soon post more information on this semester's squash practices and our traditional get-to-know-each-other-party. In the meantime, join our Facebook group and follow our Facebook page. Stay tuned!

2018-08-19 22:38

By Bjørn Christian Seime

"THE END" (for this season) May 12th

Click title for more info about the party!

2018-04-27 19:35


Internal Tournament

Click the title for info about the tournament!

2018-04-23 17:19


Gudenes natteliv!!

On the upcoming friday "Gudenes natteliv" will take place at samfundet, and NTNUI tennis, badminton and squash are planning a pre-drink party together before heading out 🕺 This will be a great opportunity to get to know our fellow racket-athletes 🎾

The address is Kringsjåvegen 9A, and the party starts at 18:00.
Hope to see you all there!

2018-04-05 16:30


CAKE FRIDAY!!!! 16th of March at 17.30

Then it's finally time for cake friday !! I have promised this long now, but now it actually happens. After Friday's training we gather for cake and chat. Everyone is welcome even if you have not participated in training! We gather in the sofa at Dragvoll. NTNUi Squash stands for the cake, bring drinks yourself (there is a soda machine there). No alcohol unfortunately. Looking forward to seeing you there! 16th of March at 17.30!

2018-03-10 20:52


Technique sessions on Friday

Next Friday the 23rd of February, Matt McFahn for off the wall squash is coming to town. He will do two seperate court sessions with 12 spots on each training. I would really recommend attendig if you want to learn more squash and improve your game. The registration will open two days before as usual. 

5pm-6pm C/B level
6pm-7pm A/B level

2018-02-18 11:25

By Bjørn Christian Seime

Get-to-know-each-other-PARTY. February 9th

We will welcome you to join our party at Sigurd-Martinius' place.

We're going to select a new board!

Check our Facebook side for more details.

2018-01-24 22:49


Welcome to a new squash semester

Hi there! See here for the list of this semester's squash practices. Join our Facebook group to get future updates on the upcoming get-to-know-each-other-party, general election and more!

2018-01-14 14:37

By Bjørn Christian Seime

Squash practices this semester

Hey everyone and welcome to a new squash semester! 
Training are due to begin on Monday the 15th of January. Registration isn´t quite ready yet but we´ll let you know when it starts. We do have the courts this week as well (same hours as the previous semester) so feel free to use them, but you´ll have to organize yourself.

Stay tuned for information regarding the get-to-know-each-other party and general election in the coming week(s). You´ll be able to run for any board position but I know for sure a couple of them are currently empty, so get involved!

See you all on court.

2018-01-08 23:49

By Bjørn Christian Seime

🎅 Extra practices in December + cake celebration after last practice! 🎂

Good news from SiT: squash court will be open at selected dates in December. Also, Karl-Jørgen will bring a cake and beverage on last practice 17th December 🎂

2017-12-02 15:48

By Bjørn Christian Seime

Racketfest 2017

Don’t forget to sign up for the party of the year 😁👌🏻🍻 Important: Registration and payment deadline is Thursday November 2nd!

2017-10-31 22:18

By Bjørn Christian Seime

IMPORTANT: Get-to-know-each-other-party moved to Sept 28th

See previous announcement for details on the party.

2017-09-18 19:12

By Bjørn Christian Seime


Join the get-to-know-each-other-PARTY on Sept 28th.

2017-09-07 22:23

By Bjørn Christian Seime