Technique sessions on Friday

Next Friday the 23rd of February, Matt McFahn for off the wall squash is coming to town. He will do two seperate court sessions with 12 spots on each training. I would really recommend attendig if you want to learn more squash and improve your game. The registration will open two days before as usual. 

5pm-6pm C/B level
6pm-7pm A/B level

2018-02-18 11:25

By Bjørn Christian Seime

Get-to-know-each-other-PARTY. February 9th

We will welcome you to join our party at Sigurd-Martinius' place.

We're going to select a new board!

Check our Facebook side for more details.

2018-01-24 22:49

By Karl-Jørgen Kristiansen

Welcome to a new squash semester

Hi there! See here for the list of this semester's squash practices. Join our Facebook group to get future updates on the upcoming get-to-know-each-other-party, general election and more!

2018-01-14 14:37

By Bjørn Christian Seime

Squash practices this semester

Hey everyone and welcome to a new squash semester! 
Training are due to begin on Monday the 15th of January. Registration isn´t quite ready yet but we´ll let you know when it starts. We do have the courts this week as well (same hours as the previous semester) so feel free to use them, but you´ll have to organize yourself.

Stay tuned for information regarding the get-to-know-each-other party and general election in the coming week(s). You´ll be able to run for any board position but I know for sure a couple of them are currently empty, so get involved!

See you all on court.

2018-01-08 23:49

By Bjørn Christian Seime

🎅 Extra practices in December + cake celebration after last practice! 🎂

Good news from SiT: squash court will be open at selected dates in December. Also, Karl-Jørgen will bring a cake and beverage on last practice 17th December 🎂

2017-12-02 15:48

By Bjørn Christian Seime

Racketfest 2017

Don’t forget to sign up for the party of the year 😁👌🏻🍻 Important: Registration and payment deadline is Thursday November 2nd!

2017-10-31 22:18

By Bjørn Christian Seime

IMPORTANT: Get-to-know-each-other-party moved to Sept 28th

See previous announcement for details on the party.

2017-09-18 19:12

By Bjørn Christian Seime


Join the get-to-know-each-other-PARTY on Sept 28th.

2017-09-07 22:23

By Bjørn Christian Seime

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