Club Championship October 7th!


The beginner tournament will not take place due to lack of participants, WHICH MEANS THE CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP TOMORROW STARTS AT 11:00!

The groups and match schedule will be posted later today. The first matches will start between 11:00 and 11:10.  It is important that everyone takes note of when and where they are playing and are ready to play at their set time, so everything runs smoothly. That includes showing up well in advance so you have time to warm up before your match starts. Stay tuned! 

After the tournament, there will be a small gathering/party for all participants. As usual, we'll provide snacks and various items, while you bring a good vibe and something nice to drink! Address: Odd Brochmanns veg 187

See you tomorrow! 💪

By Erlend Hansson Rudi - 2023-09-26 19:55