We have for a long while had issues with players unregistering from practice shortly before it starts, or even after it has started. This makes it very difficult for those on the waiting list to join the practice, as they're not notified in time, and then end up not attending the practice either.

To try and reduce this behavior, we are introducing a penalty point system regarding registering and attending practices:

- Unregistering from a practice less than one hour before it starts: 1 POINT
- Not unregistering from a practice at all and not showing up: 3 POINT
5 POINTS = Suspended from attending practices for a week
- One week is added to your suspension for every additional suspension within the same semester (2 weeks suspension the second time you're suspended, etc.)
- Points reset every semester

Note that this just the "first draft", and that the penalty point system may get tweaked gradually. The system will come into effect tomorrow: September 21st. 

By Root Admin - 2023-09-20 17:54